Transmission5 : introducing filkoe176
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Our fifth podcast in a spotlight on Endemik’s filkoe176. Filkoe is from Cleveland and now resides in Seattle. As a member of Jerk Circuit with Bleubird, Tweetch and SignOne we have featured some older song he made with this group, only featuring the songs produced by and rapped with SignOne. Filkoe176 can also be known as Doug Yuck and we feature 3 songs form this time period, all produced by Doug Yuck. The only commercial release on this podcast is the song that was apart of Scott Da Ros’ debut album, titled “…One Kind of Dead End” released on Endemik Music. The last two songs are tribute to fellow Jerk Circuit members, SignOne and Bleubird. Expect Filkoe176’s debut album in 2007 on Endemik Music titled ‘Lost zoo keys and the Animal Spirits that haunt them’. The mix was put together by Scott Da Ros.
SONG 1 – Intro (unreleased)
SONG 2 – Dining for Dimes (unreleased) (2000 jerk curcuit flea house Orlando)
SONG 3 – Dicky Roberts (unreleased) (2001 signs apartment in Orlando)
SONG 4 – Property (2000 jerk curcuit flea house Orlando)
SONG 5 – Garbage (2001 signs apartment in Orlando)
SONG 6 – Delicious Homies (2002 noni’s basment cleveland)
SONG 7 – Police State (2002 noni’s basment Cleveland)
SONG 8 – We Rap Naked (2002 noni’s basment Cleveland)
SONG 9 – Outline of a Valentine – from Scott Da Ros – …One Kind of Dead End (2006)
SONG 10 – Nother Other – Tribute to SignOne (2005 capial hill nook Seattle)
SONG 11 – Some Other – Tribute to Bleubird (2005 capial hill nook Seattle)

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