Transmission2 : mixed by Scott Da Ros

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Our second podcast in an interview with Endemik’s own Bleubird. The interview took place in Aug.2005 over the telephone between Bevin Campbell of The Blend on PBS 106.7 FM (in Melbourne Australia) and Bleubird (in Montreal Canada). The interview is not mixed in full – certain sections are included and spliced together with new and old Bleubird songs. During the interview sections we have placed some instrumental peices from other Endemik artists. The mix was put together by Scott Da Ros.
Intro – Bleubird – Welcome to my Fuck (produced by Scott Da Ros)
SONG 2 – SignOne – Energy
SONG 3 – Les Swash Buckling Napoleans are Bleubird + Thesis Sahib (produced by Synesthesiak)
SONG 4 – SkyRider – Tramp
SONG 5 – Bleubird – Crybaby Crunk (produced by Scott Da Ros)
SONG 6 – Scott Da Ros – untitled #2456
SONG 7 – Bleubird – Dark Dirty Places Remix (produced by Scott Da Ros)
SONG 8 – SignOne – My Line
SONG 9 – Bleubird – Bleubird + Divinci Holding Hands (produced by Divinci)
SONG 10 – SignOne – Don’t Die
SONG 11 – Bleubird – Simple Man (produced by SkyRider)

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