Transmission1 : mixed by Scott Da Ros

Download MP3, 26:07min, 24 MB

Our first podcast in an introduction to the label, Endemik Music, and was put together by Scott Da Ros. We have started you off with a 25 minute mix that covers one song from each release in our catalog. Intro – Stigg of the Dump (produced by Stigg of the Dump) END002 – Stigg of the Dump – Pointing Fingers (produced by Stigg of the Dump / feat. vocals from Buck65 + Sixtoo and Eric M.O. on bass) END003 – Bleubird – Living Through Others (produced by SignOne) END004 – SkyRider – Everyday of their Lives (produced by SkyRider) END005 – Scott Da Ros – MonsterMashout (produced by Scott Da Ros / feat. vocals from Bleubird) END006 – Scott Da Ros – Ocean Splits In Half (produced by Scott Da Ros / feat. vocals from Kthei??? + Apt) END007 – SkyRider – Masters of Deception (produced by SkyRider / feat. vocals from Jim Wurster) Tweetch !zown – Boxed (produced by SignOne) Mixed by Scott Da Ros

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