The Cure – A Visual Poem

On March 9th, with the amazing help of Egg Films, we are releasing a Cure “A Visual Poem”. Directed by the talented young prodigy Jenn Millington, this video grabs your heart strings and makes poetry out of the worst moments of my life. With the dedication of volunteers we made something that I think alot of people will enjoy. The point of this event is to help get word about this video out there. Please share it. This is the …story of my time with anxiety and the people who reminded me who I was when I forgot. A special dedication goes to my friend Jason Lionel Walsh who lost his life to mental illness. He was one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet and an amazing musician. His loss is still felt.

November 2009, Michael Kimber was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder at the age of 25. Facing terrifying insomnia and constant anxiety he turned to the Nova Scotian mental health system and was told he would have to wait six months to see a state sponsored therapist. While many of his friends got to this point and stopped looking for help, Michael was lucky enough to have a family that could pay for professional counseling and with the help of friends, family and his first love he recovered.

In November of the 2010, he started the internationally recognized Come Out campaign, encouraging people with mental illness to tell their own stories to show how terrifyingly common mental illness actually is. By speaking for himself, he has encouraged thousands to do the same.

Michael is currently working on a book about his experiences called the Cure, about his own struggle to accept himself and the people that reminded him who he was when he forgot. Michael wants us to start talking about mental illness. Join the conversation and speak for yourself.

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