Michael Kimber – Last Night

Michael Kimber - Last Night (Free Album Download)

Michael Kimber – Last Night (download zip)

Chapter 1: Me: 3:21 (download mp3)

Chapter 2: Man on the Moon: 1:42 (download mp3)

Chapter 3: One of the Guys: 1:39 (download mp3)

Chapter 4: Ball of Sunshine: 2:49 (download mp3)

Chapter 5: The Heroes: 1:54 (download mp3)

Chapter 6: Girls: 1:49 (download mp3)

Chapter 7: Thirteen: 1:45 (download mp3)

Chapter 8: The Day Bobby Got Laid: 4:02 (download mp3)

Chapter 9: Why Do I Love You Like I Do: 3:15 (download mp3)

Chapter 10: Angels: 2:55 (download mp3)

Chapter 11: What Can You Say?: 3:25 (download mp3)

Chapter 12: Come Buy Me: 3:41 (download mp3)

Chapter 13: Last Night: 3:15 (download mp3)

Chapter 14: The Day: 1:50 (download mp3)


The idea behind the project was to create a rap album that followed a musical and lyrical narrative from beginning to end to tell the story of Bobby Pilsner as he looked back at his life on the last night of childhood. To do this I wanted to bring together classic beatmaking, live instruments and give ultimate respect to the DJ while creating an album with more in common with Pink Floyd’s the Wall than say Jay-Z’s Blueprint. We set out to emphasize a story not just moving from beginning to end but growing in complexity through the incidents that define us(family, friends and future): we used repetitions of themes, lyrics and story all set in musical and lyrical motifs to try to capture a little bit of what is like to grow up in a place like Halifax, Nova Scotia. All musicians involved had a defined part in the filling in the concept of this album, from Y-rush scratching elements of Song 9 where Bobby and his girlfriend come into trouble in song 8 where they meet, to Jennica singing different renditions of Hush Little Baby on track 4 and 13, the meaning of this repetitions change with the context of the album. Last Night is about growing up, being a kid, falling in love and trying to be an adult. It’s a journey that I hope you enjoy taking as much as I enjoyed making it. This is a work of fiction but Bobby and I have something in common, we both use music to escape the difficulties of our lives, I hope this music lets you do the same thing.


First and foremost I need to say thank you to Justin Kinch. Without him this project would have been impossible, he worked with me for hundreds of hours, developing the beats, helping me develop my delivery. Most of all Justin gave me the confidence to get back into rapping again. DJ Yrush, HermitoftheWoods, Peter Gorman, Jennica Lounsbury, Tom Macdonald, Phil Mackenzie, Jack Mcguire and Jeremy Francis all deserve ridiculous thanks for their brilliant contributions to this album. I was lucky enough to get to make an album with many of my best friends in the world. I would also like to thank the Halifax Hip Hop community for all the love and the hate, PRD for making me a rapper and Dave Plowman for believing me in Grade 11 when I said that I rapped. And as always this goes out to you..my future wife named Something.


Executive Produced by Michael Kimber

Written, Directed and Narrated by Michael Kimber

Production by Justin Kinch

DJ Y-rush is the album’s DJ (cuts, scratches, song transitions)

All tracks mixed and mastered by Hermitofthewoods (Herbert)

Lead Keys – Peter Gorman (except for track number one, and all of track 14 is him)

Trumpet: Tom Macdonald (tracks 3,4,6,9,11, 12, 13)

Saxophone: Phil Mackenzie (3,4)

Bobby’s Mother Voice: Jennica Lounsbury (4, 13)

Bobby’s Singing Voice: Jeremy Francis (1,8,9,10,11,12)