Joe Buck’s UP out on iTunes

We’re bringing you another release this week; this time from Truro’s own Joe Buck. The album was released as a limited run CD back in 2008 and now we’re bringing it to you worldwide available anywhere where iTunes sells music. The album was recorded at The Vault Studios in Halifax, NS and features production by Dexter Doolittle, Beatmason, Chris Noxx, Drow, Fresh Kils, J Billz and M-Mac. With tracks featuring lyrics from Jay Bizzy, Ghettosocks, Nicole, Ambition, Littles and Kool G Rap, Joe Buck’s UP is primed and ready for your eardrums pleasure. With Mixing and Mastering from Backburner Recordings artist Dexter Doolittle and Executive Producer Beatmason, UP is a truly collaborative offering and we’re happy to be the ones finally bringing it out for Digital Release.