JG – Shock Value Mixtape

Toronto’s ZANE Releases Debut Mixtape

Toronto native ZANE Has recently released his debut mixtape under Dopplegang Records. With the release of this new music we hear a new sound in Hip Hop. Uncompromising and original ZANE is a perfectionist when it comes to writing and self producing his unique sound. Dopplegang is very excited to introduce this sound to Canada and the world.

You can stream the mixtape off of ZANE’s You Tube channel

Or you can download a copy of the record for a limited time from the label website.


AtlanticHipHop.com End of Year Sampler 2007

AtlanticHipHop.com represents all of the Maritime provinces and is based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The following Sampler is a playlist of Artist Submitted tracks made available for you by each artist and label respectively and available to download for free here at AtlanticHipHop.com. Thank you to the Artists for their kind support and please submit your audio/video today for future samplers and site features.

Atlantic Hip-Hop would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support of East Coast Urban Hip-Hop culture and music. Word em up!!

Jokez and Suave – Agent Orange Crush

Lowest Common Dominataz – Violence Is Your Right

Loc Dog 40s and 9s Round 2

Loc Dog 40s and 9s Round 1

Criminal Underground – Another Big Load of Potatoes

Halifamous Music Compilation Volume 1