Cess – Here We Go + Dark Night Rising feat. Big Fela

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Pat Stay wins King of the Dot’s Blackout 5

pat-stayPat Stay has done it again. Originally posted on CBC: here.

Pat Stay wins rap battle put on by hip-hop heavyweight Drake
Stay will appear in an Eminem reality TV show later this year

By Jacob Smith,

A Dartmouth battle rapper has just claimed another victory in his fourth North American title match.

Over the weekend, in a pay-per-view battle at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto, Pat Stay defended his title in King of the Dot’s Blackout 5 against rapper Charron.

This was Stay’s third time defending the title and easily his biggest battle to date.

In addition to the pressure of performing in front of a crowd of roughly 1,500 fans, Blackout 5 was put on by Grammy-Award winning rapper Drake and his label, October’s Very Own Sound.

“I’d like to say [having Drake there] didn’t put pressure on me, but of course it did,” Stay told CBC News on Monday.

“I had to come correct and that’s what I did.”

Drake opted not to go to Sunday’s Grammy Awards — for which he was nominated for three awards — in lieu of hosting, participating in and judging Stay’s battle against Charron.

Stay has a lot of respect for Drake.

“He likes me a lot and I like him a lot and we just have a respect for each other. We’re friends and I don’t try and capitalize off of that,” said Stay.

At a press conference the day before the match began, Drake upped the ante by offering an additional $10,000 to the winner of the battle.

“He didn’t hit me with it yet, but it felt great because now I can pay off my bad credit,” Stay said jokingly.

What started as a hobby for Stay has now become a career.
Stay to appear in reality TV show

Later this year, Stay will become a member of rapper Eminem’s reality TV show, Road to Total Slaughter, which will see eight emerging battle rappers compete to co-headline a main event match-up in Eminem’s Total Slaughter Battle Rap League.

Even with the recent endorsements by some of music’s biggest stars, Stay said the support from his fans has been the most rewarding.

“It means so much to me, more than anybody could ever imagine, knowing that my people support me. It touches my heart,” he said.

An on-demand version of Blackout 5 is available for purchase at kotdtv.com until Feb. 28. All the battles, including the finals, will be available to the public though the KOTD YouTube channel after Feb. 28.

Check out the single Pat Stay released with AtlanticHipHop.com back in 2011.

PatStay Cover-medium

Artist: Pat Stay
Album: Title: Save Me (feat. Brandy Callahan) – Single
Release Date: 05/20/2011
Label Name: The Vault Studios

Cess – Torch feat. Big Fela, Skoo & Al Boogie

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Pat Stay feat. Brandy Callahan – Save Me


Pat Stay feat. Brandy Callahan – Save Me by AtlanticHipHop

Joe Buck’s UP out on iTunes

We’re bringing you another release this week; this time from Truro’s own Joe Buck. The album was released as a limited run CD back in 2008 and now we’re bringing it to you worldwide available anywhere where iTunes sells music. The album was recorded at The Vault Studios in Halifax, NS and features production by Dexter Doolittle, Beatmason, Chris Noxx, Drow, Fresh Kils, J Billz and M-Mac. With tracks featuring lyrics from Jay Bizzy, Ghettosocks, Nicole, Ambition, Littles and Kool G Rap, Joe Buck’s UP is primed and ready for your eardrums pleasure. With Mixing and Mastering from Backburner Recordings artist Dexter Doolittle and Executive Producer Beatmason, UP is a truly collaborative offering and we’re happy to be the ones finally bringing it out for Digital Release.

SARS’s Verbal Virus on iTunes

SARS - Verbal Virus

Out now from AtlanticHipHop.com’s AHH Digital and Ghost Town Syndicate, this 15 song full length album from Halifax’s SARS, features production from Ill Fated, Weapon X, Tut The Instrumentalist, Oscar Mike, Sean Strange, Arch NME, Basshead and Scotty Soul. Also featuring lyrics from Weapon X, Morse Code, Decent of Rusto Fats, Sean Strange, Arch NME, Doap Nixon of A.O.T.D., Enterprize and Razual Allah 7 of LCOB. The album was recorded at The Vault Studios in Halifax, NS and was mixed & mastered by Beatmason and Dexter Doolittle of Backburner Productions. Cuts by Ill Fated, Beatmason and DJ Trixxx. For more go to: http://www.myspace.com/verbalvirus


Available Worldwide w/ Apple’s iTunes.

Body Harvest Review Banned by The Coast

Artist: Arch NME
Album: Body Harvest EP
Release Date: 12/20/2009
Label Name: Stronghold Digital

Here’s the Review for ArchNME’s Body Harvest EP that was banned from being published in the Coast.

–Written by M. Kimber

ArchNME’s Body Harvest offers Halifax hardcore hip hop fans the punch in the mouth they have been looking for. Beats by underground legend Al’Tarba, features of hardcore rap legends Ill Bill and Planet X make this album explode. Brothers and emcee partners Weapon X and Morse Code rep Nova Scotia with a passion and represent a profoundly “Hali” based hardcore hip hop sound. It reminds me of Jedi Mind Tricks, while I don’t really like what they say, as Morse Code talks about beating up his girlfriend and Weapons comments on “homos” it happens to sound amazing. This album speaks to the anger of a generation who wanted more than life would give them. Body Harvest says if the world won’t give it to you…then take it for yourself. And despite my dislike for certain elements of the content they do it well and force me to listen again and again.

Arch NME’s Body Harvest EP on iTunes

ArchNME's Body Harvest EP

Out now from AtlanticHipHop.com’s new Digital Label AHH Distribution and Stronghold Digital, this 7 song EP from Halifax’s ArchNME, Weapon-X, Morse Code, Produced by Al’Tarba with Cuts from Uncle Fester and Metropolis Votary and mixed/mastered by Beatmason of The Vault Studios. Check out more @ www.ArchNME.com


Available Worldwide w/ Apple’s iTunes.